Tuesday, 4 May 2010

They say "सत्यमेव जयते" !... When ???

Today, 4th May 2010 may be the day remembered as the day which saw halted lifeline of Mumbai.

But, on the same day, another important decision is due.

Ajmal Kasb, the only caught terrorist of 26/11 Mumbai attack is yet to hear the Death sentence from the court.

Till this blog is finished, I do not think, we will hear the final judgment.

But, what made me to write this blog is article in Mumbai Mirror that I read today.
It was mentioned that,

During trial, one police officer told kasab "Tuze to main fansi ko latkake rahunga !"
Whereas, Kasab replied "Are sahab,pehle guru ko to phansi do !"

(Guru-Mohammad Afzal, who is due to hang for his part in the 2001 attack on India's parliament building).
In December 2001,when the parliament was attacked, there were very few people who knew the truth.

12 casualities,7 were the Indian citizens ,including 5 lady constables and 2 male while 5 were Terrorists who attacked.

Now, at that time, Mr.L.K.Advani,(Home Minister of India) told "Those 5 terrorists looked like Pakistani's."
This sentence was criticized a lot but then forgotten down the line.

The 5 people who attacked the parliament were dead. (Still not clearly identified,who were they ?)

So, who is this Afzal Guru? How he came into picture?
Afzal's cell phone number was found on each of the attackers, written on the backs of their unsealed paper IDs,Mobile call records. It showed that these 5 people who attacked were constantly in touch with Afzal Guru who was in Kashmir at that time.

Then, he was arrested and was sentenced to death in 2004. Yes .. 2004.. 6 years it has been till now.

And still we, the Indian Government is not able to take it's stand.Are we being fooled ??

Like many of the Indians, I feel this man should be hanged till death and message to those who are raising the war against Nation should be conveyed.
But, today, I took out some time to come to a conclusion.

Google helped me to find few links as

Afzal must not hang

The Guardian, Friday 15 December 2006
India's shame by Arundhati Roy

Afzal Guru: Scapegoat or a terrorist?

Petition against death penalty for Mohammad Afzal Guru

Afzal Guru Can Never Be Hanged

And among many in favor of hanging him till death, was

Petition to Hang Afzal Guru

And after spending about 3 hours reading all those things, I got a clear impression.

Yes.. Finally!!.. At least to me it was rather difficult to come on some conclusion.

NO.. I am not saying "Afzal Guru is innocent and should not be hanged."

My conclusion was, It is failure (A BIG TIME FAILURE !!)
Of both INDIAN Government and Media !!..

Why we should need 9 years to come to a conclusion?..Why he is not yet hanged even when in 2004 Supreme Court sentenced him death??.

 To be precise, the statement from the supreme court was like :

“The incident, which resulted in heavy casualties, had shaken the entire nation and the collective conscience of the society will only be satisfied if capital punishment is awarded to the offender.”

This suggest that in charge of rising war against nation, he can be sentenced to death !
 Now after the pleas from various people in India and Abroad, what were the steps taken by the Government?.

Does any one remember these things?

In professional world, we see the system works on "Follow ups".

Who in this case is responsible and what should be done?.

Do you think, even if Kasab is sentenced to death ,he will be hanged tomorrow ?.

9 years it has taken for Afzal Guru. How much it will be for Kasab??..and why ?? ...

Let's pray to God that "May our children watch him while he is being hanged" or
Let’s pray "Save our children from the Bombs which he might throw after completing his 10 year of imprisonment".

Choice is your's.You can choose the prayer which you want to .

For me, I have not chosen any of them. What a Crap?.. Change the government man ?.
Now, I recall the sentence which I have read somewhere.

"India can easily become a superpower.
All we need is, every Indian should do his OWN duty."

That is it !!.. It is for sure the path to success.

Now, Let’s see, how is happens in this case.


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