Thursday, 28 January 2010

Pigeon -The Silent Warrior :)

When you hear the word "Pigeon" , you might say "How cute :P" (if you are girl) and "ohh.. Kabootar..ha toh aisa bol na.. to aage.." (if you are boy)

But really.. I can not make out any of these expressions when I hear this "Pigeon" ...don't even think it in other way.. (i am boy and that is for sure :P)

The reason behind it is, this creature is making me "Awake" each morning.. suddenly flies off from my gallery and lands back.
They might be "n" in number in my society, but my morning has been spoiled by 2 of them since last month.. I suspect they are "SAME 2" everyday..
Tell me how can you distinguish. remember a pigeon ?...

I even try to count the start in night, but the number keeps changing for me everyday.. that is why I am weak in maths I guess :P
Same way..I can not distinguish/remember/make out differences between below few things..
a) Pigeons b) Chinese and Japanese people c) Sin/cos/tan/cot/cos/.. And what was the last one ??.. d) Special Tarkaree/Shahi Sabji/Veg Hundi/Mix Veg .. and many more things.

I am not that confused.. but may be part of my community too :P
So. where was I ??.. ohh.. that Pigeon..
I had been struggling with this peaceful creature since last 3-4 weeks,as they try to get in to my gallery.. to make their home in there...a nest what they call them.

Like Pearl Harbour, they take off and land numerously with few pale, yellowish and dry stems from society garden.
They are trying to be our tenants without paying us anything and they are taking charge of our shoe store room (Gallery) :)
This place is really the most soothing part of our room, we can meditate, make time pass,have talk, have phone calls ,have some arguments from here.. also we soak our cloths..
and most important.. the shoes and sandals... its really the best part where you can do/put anything.. :) . not really.. but still.

So they have attacked on the leftmost corner.. the place where I keep my Sandals/Shoes/socks/shoe polish/shoe cleaning cloth and All.. what not..
2 weeks ago..brought new sandals and regretted the moment when came to room and went to place them in the left corner of gallery...

The next day.. when went to gallery to get Fresh Air.. foooorrrrr...or fooooooooooooorrrrr..ooooooooo....rrrrrr... what ever.. I can not make out the sound of Pigeon flying in words. :P
They both flew away and mee too nearly was thrown back ..i was frightened off course.. who will not..when you have just woken up and you are still thinking of the dream you just had..still thinking of the list of things you need to do... revising the good moments when you escaped from those mosquitoes last night.. 

Cherishing those 3-4 hours you have slept..
who would expect these birds suddenly.. ??..
I then started my usual routine.. made some frightful noises..which were even not tolerable for me to hear.. but I try these sounds to keep these birds away..
I don't know what that mean.. but when I make those sounds..they stare at me.. (I suspect some times and laugh also).. wait for a moment.. exchange their eye moments..and takes deep breath..and start to come towards me.. then I get more anxious.. (did I just said "Hello... Good Morning..come here" in their language ?.. or uttered any BAD words ??..)
don't know.. as they come towards me.. I took one step back..then 2..then 4 and gets behind the door..then they bid me BYE for 10-15 mins.

Me then quickly collected the stems and the foundation that they tried to laid in there for their nest and throws it away from the window...hoping they will not come and next time.

But they are Pigeons.. the symbol of peace.. they do not hesitate to return back in few mins..even sometimes me still standing there..they bring those stems.. and try to put it in different way.

I guess..they might be either from Architecture college ..or might be Civil engineering students..They try new designs every time..
but till now ..result is the same..

They build it partially.. I (the Demolisher :P) do my job.. throws it away.. and waits for the other day.

Still going in the same way.. from last month.. lets see..who wins it...
Will keep you posted on it..
Stay tuned.. :P


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