Friday, 29 January 2010

BIG Thanks to Trek Technology and IBM !!

No !!.. I didn't got job in there (Although I am looking for some bright opportunity : P)..
but I me,you must (might ?? ..??) be unaware of "Who invented USB ?"...()
This question stroked my mind when today, I plugged my phone USB to charge my I asked "Google" ..who is the one ?? redirected me to numerous results and I trusted Wiki among it :D need to..its a Rule man @!!
I have got (means the Company has provided it actually.. :P ) 1 USB HUB from iBall which has 4 USB plug-gin sockets) USB HUB and I saw my Mouse,Keyboard,Sansa were already plugged.
Still I have got 1 more vacant socket where in I can plug-in my phone USB cable... That was the very moment when I thought.. what a USEFUL thing it is !!
I mean really..when I first heard of USB long back..I do recall..I have thanked the one who have invented it!.. also when I first used it..i did the same.
But today was different.. I was aware..but still has came to rescue like a Friend when I was in need..
That's why.. I really want to thank "Trek Technology and IBM" for the USB !!

USB had proved very handy for me like everybody out there who have used it.I can carry my Data and what not on them when I need to.
Also would like to thank Nokia for giving me huge storage of 32 GB on board and thanks to SanDisk for their 8 GB MicroSd Card.Also would like to thank that "Company in Thailand" who has made
that USB cable that I can carry :P ..Also last but not the least would like to thank those anonymous Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers who have taken their efforts while making this
beautiful thing happen to us.
??...(Does the above para seems to be from any "Thanks Giving" session ??... I think.. I just overused "Thanks" in there...but that's what they really do deserve !!..don't they ??)

Now,on another hand,i also tried to make my "Brain" (where ever it is located ..still this is HOT topic among us to discuss since decades!!..) some more Innovative..
It then produced another thought.. "Why Blue tooth can't charge phone ??" ..i do not want to read the numerous thanks again which I just gave to one who has invented this technology also..
but my point is "Why Blue tooth can't charge phone ??" ..i am not claiming here that I am the FIRST one who has thought of it..But I am ALSO THE ONE who has thought of it..@my need only. :P
Still.. ... .... ......... ...... ohh... I can't just think over it for hour and come up with solution..
But someone will.. and I will be there (as usual) to THANK him ..many time..
so let's keep our eyes open and wait for that day.. I can smell its not that long.. :D


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