Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Politics: Thought REVISITED. Thanks to Aanna Hazare !!

After spending 3 days of awesome trip in Kerala, on 16th we all returned to Chennai on 16th Aug morning at about 9.00 A.M.
Just on the way, as soon as we came out of Roaming circle, I switched on 3G to check latest NEWS.
2 News were shocking when I saw them.
1st was “Motorola acquisition by Google” and 2nd was “Aanna Hazare's arrest”.
Motorola acquisition was nowhere near to heart but the 2nd news was. This is because; finally after a long period of time, this anti-corruption movement was looking very promising and very truthful as it was by the people for the people.
Aanna was arrested at this home way before proposed time of the fast and when he asked the reason of arrest, Delhi police said, “We have orders.” ……  I mean, are these politicians are now giving ORDERS to arrest the people who are thinking for welfare of people and trying to get things in correct ORDER??? WTH??

Who are these politicians and what’s the reason of their existence? Aren’t these people who are elected by us only?? Why they considered so POWERFUL? And we give unnecessary respect to these people?? Do they really deserve this??
Politicians used to be the common people amongst us who we elect so that they could ensure everything around us is working fine. And now, when these people are using their powers like blind and looting us like anything, we should make it CORRECT.

In ancient times, people were being ruled by some Cruel Emperors and fate of the people used to be in hand of these emperors only. Then, slowly people started to think and act for their own welfare and many of these kings faced revolt. These kinds of things laid the foundation of democracy and things started to look better.

But, when some common man elected by us gets power and he uses them for his own selfish needs by looting the people it is our duty and right to oppose him. We should not be forced to back off.

The government is now saying “Drafting a law and making it possible is not a right of an individual, parliament is responsible for it and it’s their FINAL decision to make it happen or not.”

This is not what Aanna Hazare and his supporters are saying that their DRAFT is the FINAL version and it should be made as law. What they are saying is the draft presented by current government is very hopeless and has no real room to cure the real problem of corruption. It is also quite evident that the opposition is not fully supporting Aanna’s final DRAFT and is ready to accept it as a law.

We as the citizens of INDIA have every right to oppose what is incorrect and we have every right to put forward our view on it. We could not be forced to change our view and forced to listen and follow what government is doing. This is not called as DEMOCRACY, this is DECTATORSHIP.

We will support Aanna Hazare and his cause for sure as it is for the people and by the people which is an important part of Democracy. And they are transparent in what they want and have the opinion from the people of INDIA about what they are doing.

The Congress party has always been very biased towards many decisions that they have taken against any individual. They are really blind having the power in hand and openly boasting about how they are in power since last 2 terms and how they will make it happen in 2014 again. 

It’s pathetic when a common man’s issue is neglected and their son’s & daughter’s weddings are covered LIVE. It’s shameful when our Telecom minister uses his own interests in making a deal happen, it’s shameful when our Agricultural minister is biased towards sugar factory owners and do not make any provisions to help farmers, instead he heads the ICC panel and enjoys matches abroad when there are serious issues to be dealt with in his own state. It’s really shameful when our Commonwealth games are arranged with such a double standard quality and the money made out of it is not transferred to our National treasure. These all events and recent scams really place us in a situation where we, the common man are forced to think about our own future.

We elect these politicians so that they will be responsible for finding the solutions to our common problems and we can concentrate on solving our private problems. 

Now the situation is getting so worse that we are feeling to call ourselves as citizens of world’s largest democratic nation.

As a common man, we have enough problems in our personal lives to be dealt with. But when these kinds of situations arise we often find ourselves in dilemma where we are in no situation to go on road in our office timings. We are not always in a condition to go to a place and participate in these protests actively. 

While on the other hand, we are aware and we understand completely that these are the main problems in front of us and for the welfare of our society. We are still forced by our private reasons and problems to work in office rather than being actively involved in these protests.

Still, this time, many people came on road as the Government was looking deaf and dumb to act on the situation. Are we really in an Independent country and should be celebrating our independence day when we ourselves are not FREE in our own country??

These are really serious questions and we should solve them. We should come and unite our support for Aanna Hazare’s noble cause.

As far as myself is considered, I am not on road with an Indian flag to support Aanna on weekdays. But I will continue to write and support the cause in ways I could. Hoping all your support for this cause and Aanna’s campaign.

Any thoughts and ways to protest in peaceful ways are MOST WELCOME. Please feel free to comment and let’s make INDIA a better place. 

We can then certainly say “Proud to be Indian”.


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