Sunday, 31 January 2010

From :-| to :-) The Australian Open 2010 Final..

My day started on Sunday....(I guess I better should call it afternoon finally as it was 1.10 P.M. when i hold my mobile to checkout time..)

So finally my body gave up and bed pushed me to getup..i heard them saying that, "you should check the legs as they might have forgot how to hold your body when you will stand up!"...
Now it was turn of my legs to hold me up and take to gallery for fresh air..they did it well and i was pleased.
The mobile then started to ring in.. I held it to check what's was reminder of *Aus open final*..
Clock still suggested i have 45  mins left in my hand.
Picked up the brush quickly and started to finish it up in more than usual speed to save the time. Then quickly got hold of bathroom and had usual..milk was there and Manish (my room-partner) was ready to have a cup of tea..a glass i will we regularly take tea..regularly can be seen from different prospective than normal people here..means..2-3 times in night..(@11.30 P.M. after dinner..@ 12.30 A.M. while cursing the office...@ 2.00 or 3.00 A.M. may be while bidding Good night to each other.. :P )
Made tea quickly and Star Sports did rest..Federer and Andy were warming up for the big game and so did we...holding glass of tea and bread in hand..we started discussing the number of sets the match should last.. 3 was my count and Manish was with 4..
We are not quite optimistic about Roger..we are confident..more than on him..on him...when he has that tennis racket in hand..
No doubt God always had been our favorite and then comes the Roger.. (God to us is none other than Sachin !!..I rephrase!!.. Sachin and Sachin Only !! )
We then started discussing the reason as usual...both struggled hard to get their goals..both were criticized a lot..but both still stand TALL than every other player in their league... Just like us.. :P so.. Fedex ought to be our favorite..
First set started ..
Fedex and Andy were on ground and score was 2-0 in no time.. we were happy but Andy was not.. he came with strong returns..and score was 2-2 ... then it went to 4-2 quickly..and then to 5-3.. off course Roger was leading it.. we then hold our nerves till he finished it with ease on 6-3.
:-) Some muscles on our faces were given some trouble and they started to produce the  first smiles of the day..
Second set started and Fedex has warmed up to take easy lead once again.. Andy meanwhile seemed to work hard on some points.but when you have champion in front of did it happened.. we were clue less when Fedex made it 5-4... and then 6-4 in 46 mins...

"Are you’s going to last for 4 or 5 sets ?.." i asked myself and Manish..
Third set started and Andy bounced back..Really Strong ..very strong indeed..if I recollect was 2-2 ..then 2-4......
ohhh. ...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..mmmmm....umm.... ..oooo... wahhhhh...ohhoooo..ooooooohhhhhhhhooooooooo......... 
only these were the strange noises which we were making out while watching it .. who thought Andy will bounce so hard to make it 2-5 ????...
Still Fedex was holding it cool and showed us some great stuff for which we have been eagerly waiting for.. score was 3-5 .. 4-5 and then 5-5 ... :) :) :) Smiles all over again...But still tension was all around... is it going to go in tie break ??..and did ..
6-6... Tie break started and we were like 2 statues .. not even wanting to open/close our eyes as we may miss out some action...some serious action out there.
The tie break was thrilling...The tie-break produced fine shots from both players, and intense drama for the 15,000 fans at Rod Laver Arena as Andy failed to convert four set point chances.
Fedex missed two championship points, but at 11-12 in favour of the Champ, Andy clipped the net with a backhand, giving Fedex his fourth Australian Open title..Every once aroused to give them ovation so did we..
Wow.. The moment has finally arrived !!.. We stood up to salute the Champ.. It really taken hard to stand up...but we need to.. !!.. Although it was quite one sided match.. The way Andy fought was nice and brilliant effort..
But, as there is Only one winner, Roger was the obvious choice. !!...
We were happy and happier minute by minute...That moment made me think ...
What have i got ??..After 2 hours and 41 Mins ??.. Happiness !!.. Sheer happiness !!.. and i am still happy..
Thanks to Roger.. He will surely will be not informed about either me ,Manish ..but still he made us smile !..

Fight back and fight back HARD !!..Till last minute !!..

This was the lesson that I learned today.. (Once again..its not new for us..our teachers had tried their best to teach this since kinder garden..But today... Roger and Andy showed and taught us more better !)

So once again salute to Roger and Andy ...Stay tuned for next grand slam.. French open ! :) :P


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