Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Why to Save our Tigers ???.. .C'mon Join my Roar :)

Yesterday night I had watched this advertise by Aircel...again...(May be for 100th time)
But,there was a small difference this time.
Manish (My room-partner) and Prashant (My hostel room-partner) were there...watching it .. i don't know their  count ..
Manish and me have already donated by visiting

Even though Manish uses Airtel and Me with Vodafone since last 2 years,we are appreciating the effort by Aircel :)

But, yesterday, Prashant said "This is all ****...nothing will help..this is all their money making policy !!"
Obviously,our ego's were hurt and so were we. :(
Then began the furious discussion,... ,............, ......-----.......-------,
many things were said and many were understood and many were rejected .. but..
we (Me and Manish) concluded to a single point..
"I don't mind giving 1000/- to a noble cause,as it makes me feel good !..if that single moment gives me some pleasure
and feel of satisfaction.. and somewhere deep in my heart i feel i am right.. i am happy.!!"

As it is for sure..either while taking Clothes,accessories,we would not have given a second thought for 1000/-
so why now ??.. and especially when it is for some good reason. ??..Man..go for it !!..

The discussion ended soon as some news channel started to show some stats about GOD (Sachin Tendulkar)!

But then ...after few minutes.. i really stared to think upon it.. once more..
given a deep thought.. !.. Tried to think more deeper..
And then found some lines that i could share with you all..
See...Saving the "Tiger" means saving Our self !!..

Yes!!..Not only because Tiger is a great animal but it is also the indicator of the forest's health.
Saving the tiger means we save the forest since tiger cannot live in places where trees have vanished and in turn secure food and water for all.

If we make sure tigers live, we will have to make sure that deer,rabbit and all other animals that the tiger eats also lives.
To make sure that these herbivores live,we must make sure that all the trees,grass and other plants that these prey animals need for food are protected.
In this way, the whole forest gets saved!
Saving the tiger means saving its entire forest kingdom with all the other animals in it.

As we know forests catch and help store rainwater and protect soils.
In this way we protect our rivers and recharge groundwater sources.
Areas with less trees lead to floods, killing people and destroying homes.It takes away the precious soil, leaving behind a wasteland.
The soil jams up our lakes and dams, reducing their ability to store water. By destroying the tiger's home, we not only harm tigers, but also ourselves.

The tiger thus becomes the symbol for the protection of all species on our earth since it is at the top of the food chain.

So.. at the end of the day..if it's your birthday ..if you are throwing a party @ Mac-D,CCD,KFC or ..where-ever..
Give a second thought if you can.. I agree your friends might not be more delighted if you will tell them,
"I will give 1000/- from our treat to Tigers and we will have only Samosa today !!" :P
But,i guess you can tell them this way,
"Lets not drink 1 cold-drink this time and save those 500/- which will be given for Save Tigers from all of us"
and they might feel good..
After-all,these are all independent decisions...
Meanwhile i came across this beautiful meaning for word "TIGER"


So...It's up to you....
All i can do is to give you the link for the second time :) (As i have donated my part earlier :P )

Go on... !!.. Spread the word !.. Roar and Roar loudly !! :)


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