Monday, 5 April 2010

A.C. Ki Taisee :P

Bus started well from Dadar to Pune.
Don't really know when but slowly and strongly all started to feel the heat....Why??.... The BUS is A.C. ...Correct ?? ... A.C. ...Where on the earth it is?.. 
Like everyone else, I was puzzled too. 
Seat no.10 has 2 major advantages. 
1?.. Hmmm..It's "10"...God's number man.. :) :P
And the 2nd is ..The top sliding window when opened,nice breeze comes in.. Especially when the AC is OFF and there is this only window which can let the air In :) 
But that doesn't mean I didn’t wanted the artificial...But so called "COOL AIR" .. 
As expected. .Slowly... Everyone started to check their ac Inlet. 
1st one was a boy .."Boss... A.C. Chal nahI raha haI ???.." 
..........Long pause.......... 
"Shayad Dadar se dusra bus mangana padega.. A.C. Kharab ho gaya lagta hai.." 
.........Small pause. may be very small.......
Everyone started to chuckle. ..Whisper...and slowly started shouting :P .... 
"What's the point in waiting for other bus ?? will take 1 hour ..may be come.." ..A lady…Seemed older one… spoken in a fairer tone..the driver heard her and started bus... 
5-7 mins might have passed at the situation was out of control and bus taken 2nd halt.. 
Now..what ???... ...1 min...2 mins. .3rd minute might have just started and we were out of our seats...following few other people who thought it's better to get some fresh air...gate was opened and heat was building up... 
We when got down...observed that driver has gone at backside of the bus.. 
What???...why he has gone back ?..a girl started in her gentle tone.. 
”Lady...I can give you many reasons ..but..not really want to in front of all those people outside .. “ Boy standing in front of me whispered and GAGS were all around.. She was clueless though 

"He had belt in his hand when he was going back.." This was other girl..but was looking better than the earlier one…That’s why it had made the others think about it. 

So..why waiting here..???..let's go back.. 
When we went to backside of bus,the backside was opened. 
Driver was struggling to point out any obvious error if he founds any. 
We also let our vision fly around the opened bonnet..
....There it is..a belt is not in proper seems,it has slipped off the pully.... 
You don't always need to be a mechanical engineer to get these things right..This time it was me :P ...Computer engineer !! 
All looked at it and to all of seemed something wrong. 
So..we tried and putted that belt properly on the pully. 
Driver wasn't still sure if this will work..He went and started ignition...bus started and he turned the temperature button. 
1 minute it might have taken and….”Ohh…Finally..”.."A.C." .."Wow..great !" Were the sounds heard from bus. 
We didn't needed any confirmation call to get back into bus. 
We all almost ran to bus and driver started the bus. 
Within 5 minutes may be..the much needed "Artificial Air" started flowing. .And every soul was resting in peace .. :) :) .. 
No....this doesn't mean I can fix the A.C. or coolers... Don't approach me :) :P 

but the moral was .. 
"Use your common sense...It helps ..and all you need to do Is a try..ways are always there. ":) :P :)


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