Thursday, 18 August 2011

Aanna Hazare + Economic Debt Crises in US > Google+ ???

In this relative world you cannot predict how things will go and how you will get the results out of it.
On 16th Aug when Aanna Hazare was about to start his fast and the arrest followed. It has shaken the government and many other people round the globe.
Many Indians literally came on the road by skipping their schedules to protest his arrest and to support the Jan Lok Pal bill.

Google might not have anticipated this thing will swing the focus from their in focus “Google+ is the future topic”. No offense, Google+ is still in beta stage, but the main part of crowd which was joining their network was from India and US.

Few weeks ago, the speculations about recession have disturbed everyone when few financial analysts proposed the financial crises before the world. US people then started to analyze the situations very seriously and Google+ was sidelined from their news.

Meanwhile from 16th Aug, those Indians for whom it was not possible to be on road came on line to show their protest through social media.
Well established players like Facebook and Twitter were off course the obvious choices for them.

Many things were handy and easy like tagging and commenting on the links from sharing to posting even for the novice users in Facebook.
This time the followers of Aanna Hazare all over the INTERNET (majority of them are Indians of course) started to get involved into cause rather than exploring wonderful Google+.

I personally kind of observed the traffic of posts in my Google+ stream and Facebook wall since last week and it again proved that Facebook has gained the advantage.

These kind of situations are really the moments when ball can swing in either direction.
For this time Facebook caught the ball by launching various apps and promoting & highlighting the badges all over in their network. It was really observed that the frequency of people joining Google+ has found a down curve this week. 

Is Aanna effect causing this ?? Don't know ?? But to me, it seems so.

Obviously Google is listening and watching all these things (They kind of watch everything these days and start guessing even before typing our query in their search engine.)

This is not written with an intention to praise Facebook or pointing the downside in Google+. This is something I observed since last week which in some way amused me.
And this is my personal opinion based on my own observations (Likely to be wrong in many cases though ) :) 

Just thought of sharing this with you :))


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