Thursday, 25 February 2010

Why Sachin is GOD ?? One more time :P

Before I die, there were 2 unfulfilled desires of mine !

1) India should win a World-Cup ,with Sachin's major Role in it !
2) Sachin should make a record of Highest ODI total by Individual and score 200 odd runs in a ODI.

24 Feb 2010 !
I would undoubtedly say "This is so far the BEST day of my entire life" !!

39 years of One day internationals (2961 ODI matches) and not a single double hundred. But 24 Feb 2010 has written a golden page in history of game !!
1 wish came true and i was the Happiest man on the planet !! (i might have heard similar reactions from many people after GOD did this...But..add 1 more in them !)

I can not thank Sachin enough for giving me this moment on which I can live my whole life :)
What a proud moment for all Indians! India’s greatest son has yet again given us a moment to cherish.

In case you are not that great fan of GOD, (Shame on you @ first :P) you might wonder, why persons like me keep hyping up this person ??..
"With age on his side, this man is set out to be the highest run getter in the history of world cricket.
He has already won rich praises from people and fellow/former cricketers who see in him a living legend and 
a master batsman who is leagues above his fellow cricketers.
Truly, a living legend and a great champion...then who are you to question why he is not great ?..and why I should not hype his did?? "

Whenever Sachin achieves some milestone, there always starts a question

"Is Sachin Greatest Cricketer ever ?"

Many times this debate goes on for a week or two.. without any conclusion.
(Even more than 90% people say YES ...every time.. YES !!!)
But I say, this still does not conclude as the rest (less than 10%) people are always there, eager to get in some focus, by saying "NO".
They only have "Sir Donald George Bradman" on their side to defend this crown.

But, let me say Sachin is not only the best,he is beyond any comparison...Not even with Sir Donald George Bradman.
Bradman lived and played in a different era, and the game has progressed and go to a complete new level now.
We have even more countries playing the game, more competition, better bowlers, much better fielding and strategy.
Super computers to analyze each player last game and the strategies.

Sachin, on the other hand, is by far till now the greatest player.
And he's right here in front of us, in flesh and blood.
All of his flaws and strengths are under the spotlight in front of a billion people over the globe.
He is even undoubtedly most studied cricketer by opponents.

Batting aside, it would be fair to wonder if Bradman would even be remotely capable of handling this kind of pressure.
When he comes to bat,whole country (I even can write HALF GLOBE) prays to God (other than Sachin... :P ) for his 100...every time.

There have been better players than Bradman, even before Sachin came along .Lara and Viv Richards included.
Tendulkar versus Bradman?
What world are you living in??

Give up man!!.. Accept the FACT !! And be a human !! :P

Here are few remarks when GOD achieved his 200* yesterday,

"I thought the way he celebrated when he reached his 200 epitomized the man's persona. 
There was no running laps around the field, no aggressive gestures, nothing over-the-top. 
He did what he always does, raised both his arms, closed his eyes for a moment and quietly acknowledged that it had been done."
==> Anil Kumble,who is also a TRUE champion of Game.

"If any person deserved to do better than me it was Tendulkar. I am happy for him, there are no real regrets."
==>Saeed Anwar, whose 194 was the previous highest ODI score. 

Also I found one really good tweet around.

Knock knock -—— Who's there? —--- Sachin —-- ---------Sachin who? –-—-------* Sound of a gunshot* " :) :P

Here is what GOD said when he got the Man Of the Match award for this match.

"I don't know how to react to this.
I would like to dedicate this to the people of India who have always stood behind me for these 20 years amid the ups and downs. 
I was striking the ball and timing the ball well, it was coming on to the bat nicely. 
Yusuf came and changed the momentum and MS really struck the ball well; it was due to their big hitting that we were able to put up such a big score. 
It was only when I got closer to the score that I realized that I had an opportunity and I could take the singles to give MS the strike.
I'm enjoying my cricket. I've always played the way I felt was the right way to play, always done what I felt was good for the team. 
There have been times when I've made some bad decisions as a batsman, but as long as in my heart I know that whatever I'm doing for the team at that moment, I'm going to go ahead with that. 
It feels good that I lasted for 50 overs, a good test of my fitness. I'd like to bat another 50 overs at some stage and see that the fitness level doesn't drop." 
(Thanks for this :) )

I really could go on and on on this.. 
but if there is start, there needs an end !
So.. would like to conclude here for the time...
I guess till he brings the 2011 World Cup in India !!


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