Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Incredible India !! Really ???

We certainly are miserable. Aren’t we ??
Test match cricket was of 6 days, we brought to 5.
Then came One days as the we do not wanted to waste time and still get Results soon.
Then arrived 20-20 so we could get results more FASTER.
And whole of that for our sheer entertainment.

On the other hand.....
Since last 10 days, a 74 year old is on FAST against a cause  which is hindering all of us.
Government tries to put blame on them in every way they possibly can.
Almost every political party out there is opposing the bill (in all party meet) and pretend supporting it (in public).
Even every common man is protesting the bill in every way possible.
People from all over the world are reading the draft of the bill and supporting it AFTER understanding it.
And this is all going for OUR BETTER FUTURE.

....... Still.......... 

We cannot do anything about it.
Isn't this a real DIRECTORSHIP??.. 
Because, certainly it does not sound like a DEMOCRATIC nation.
What a diversity :(

Sure, that's why we call it as "Incredible India" :(


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