Tuesday, 9 February 2010


"The way is always there and all you need is the will to find it !.. "
(Where there is a will, there is a way... this was derived from above quote !)

I have heard/read it somewhere years ago..
But on 8th feb, when I was in Pune, I recollected it as the situation has forced me to remember something like this.

What happened was, I came to Pune and was on Pune Station.
I inquired about the Bus for Karve Nagar, and everyone seems to have different and firm opinion?...
1) "It’s on the left hand side only"
2) "I guess you will need to have auto...its too far and you are on the wrong side"
3) "Take a left and go straight for five minutes and then ask for Depot and you will get it."
4) "You cannot get the bus from here .. you will need to go to Deccan to get that bus..or go to Corporation stop..its easy.."

What the hell ??.. I have experienced this hospitality of these people earlier also..
That is why it was not new thing for me.. So i called few friends and concluded ,3rd option was near to something meaningful.

At last..after 15 odd mins, I got the depot and it seemed like they are builded up "Highly Confidential Zone" in there.
No where you will be able to locate any boards/signs indicating that this place is indeed Bus Depot !! :P
Even the entrance to it seemed like a small parking lane.. ??.. why so narrow and dusty road ??.. i didn't got that ?..

Then was my real test.. The bus conductors in Pune would have been working as City guides in Russia i guess..
When I asked ..Which bus goes via "karve Nagar" ,they reacted like I was on different planet !!..
Some of them said..it's in Kothrud .. (Yes… it’s correct. I even knew it.. That is why i need bus which goes there.. )
Some looked like I was asking for lift and they were driving BMW in there... what a crap..
After 2 years in Mumbai,you can not expect that people will misguide you in directions. but that does happen.
The Pune Crowd seems to have lot of time and skill in navigating people round the city.
They really taken 15-20 mins to speak out ..the bus goes from right corner of the depot.

Finally got the bus and it has taken 10 more minutes to start.
When the bus started the conductor went to driver and told him
"Do not get panic..its easy ..!!"
what ??... I thought I had enough for the day..what does that mean ??..
Is he driving the Bus for the first time ??..
I then learn quickly that "This driver is driving bus for the first time from Pune station to Kondwa!"
Wow... what a way to start a day (in fact..afternoon)...
I had kept my figures cross..as it was the only thing in my hand :)

Conductor was constantly telling him "take a left now.. take a right.. now stay straight.. no.. right.. are...right.. u turn.. "....
and the driver was following him word by word..
I thought for a moment.. how the Conductor is managing to give tickets.. and navigate the driver just in time ??..
was he in Intel ?? Multitasking...you know.. the processors do that thing best.. :P

When the conductor was busy in giving tickets,driver taken few rights and few left turns for granted...
i guess he was having a count down timer for a turn.. many be a turn is compulsory after every 3 mins ..or something like that.. :)
There were few moments when everyone on the bus thought, they will be having "Pune Darshan" in free..
The conductor,soon recovered from the shock when he has seen the bus in some OTHER lane..
He shouted.. "how .. why .. when.. why.."(again..and again.. ) pouring few bad word to driver..
He then shouted to the travelers,don't you know where are you going ??..
I am at least was not the culprit !..Rest were...
Now what ??... was the question in my mind..
But the people traveling were quite customized to these situations..I guess.
Very few of them reacted.. and then slowly started to tell "Correct" way .. I was out of my ideas...
I then switched on my music player and plugged the earphones.. 15 mins i counted and then removed the earphones..
Then asked my co passenger,"how far is karve Nagar ?"
5 mins ..may be the next stop.. he replied and I was really happy :)

Picked up the bag and stood up from the seat.. then went to the front door..
It had taken 10-15 mins and i finally got the board "Karve Nagar" .. I looked at Driver..
"Does he know.. he is supposed to take this STOP ?" this was the question in my mind..

Then 2-3 people screamed and yelled at him to stop the bus.. thanks to them..I got chance to get out of that dangerous vehicle.

Finally.. after 1 hour of journey.. i was @ karve nagar.. looking at the bus ..which just dropped me..

Right turn..it has taken  and i thought.. is he on the right way ??..
forget it.. i got my destination.. and let others worry about theirs..  :)


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