Sunday, 28 March 2010

नितळ ...Spotless indeed !!

"Nital"..It means "Very Clean" in Marathi.
On Saturday..@ 4.00 A.M. I finished with this 129 minute movie. The journey from the start itself seemed like it's meaningful.
Storyline involves 2 doctors..1 male (Dr.Ananya Ranade) and 1 female ophthalmologist (Dr.Niraja).It's not usual love story as the girl is having "some white spots"…Leucoderma ..("KOD" is what called in Marathi) on her face. She is matured and wise enough to know what the reactions are when some one sees her.

Both love each other, although he has not proposed her, but she understands clearly he has fallen for her. She though has the Herculean task ahead of her to convince and get her place into hearts of his family. As always, the first sight of her makes them upset and they make their 1st opinion about her. But the his cousin brothers and sisters like her and eventually she wins all the family.

I do not want to really elaborate minute details of the story, but it's really a must watch movie. The way everyone in movie has given fair justice to their characters, writer and Director also did their job to the perfection. Loved the way the songs have been placed in the movie and every minute of it.

It certainly is one of those movies which make you to think harder.
After this movie, I understood "Beautiful" is a word which can have these many dimensions. Beauty is not always materialistic but it goes further than that and true sense of it lies ahead. When you see someone, the face tells about the person (Actually we make it out rather).But when you see this movie, you are forced to think ,It's really not the right way it should be. .The movie conveys a strong message that will power when coupled with enlightenment can easily overpower destiny.

Sense and simplicity are also much important when it comes to judging the person. Not really want to sound like a philosopher but, it is what that this movie teaches.

These 24 years have taught me many things and now the brain is strong enough than heart. But certain things are still there which needs heart to THINK upon it. And that is where it really makes the difference. This movie has taught one more important lesson ... Give yourself some MORE time to make an OPINION about someone.

I was not able to get a sound sleep after this movie. It’s not disturbing movie, but it has something in it that makes you think some aspects of life, which you might not have considered till now. When 2 matured persons struggle to make a decision, you come to know, how much still we think about so called "SOCIETY".

If you like something, you are getting every joy, pleasure, peace and feel of completeness from it, you still are forced to think "How will the outer world react to this??".. That exactly is covered beautifully in this movie and presented more clearly.

So,go and watch this movie if you have not watched it.. I already accept your thanks, which you will surely give me :P
Nital... indeed very clean ... Hats off to the entire team !!
Go ...get it ..soon :) :)

NOTE:: no..... neither the director or any actor is friend of mine.. and I am not getting anything by promoting this movie... But 1 thing, I got after this movie was JOY and VISION which I thought will be worth sharing of !!.. :P :) :)


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