Friday, 23 April 2010

No to NEWS !!

When the NEWS Channel/media was formed, their main motive was "To convey every useful information from NORTH-EAST-WEST-SOUTH" !.
And today..When you see the information which is being conveyed to you, you are nothing but forced to rethink over their motive.

I mean.. What the crap man?.. From last month or some and my room partners have no other choice to watch Sony Pix/HBO/Star Movies.
We usually pick the T.V.Remote @ 9.00 -9.30 with an intention to know what/how/why/when/which things are going around us.
But, vain.. no news channel is bothered about the sense-full and meaningful news.
Why should "Sania Mirza-Shoeb Malik" issue should get that much publicity ? ..Why on the earth we want to know "Who Sunanda Pushkar is ?".
Why the nationwide debates are going about "Will Sania be allowed to play in skirts ?".. Is everything that is happening around us going the right way ?
Who cares ?.. Even the recent IPL Controversy ..
Till Mr.Shashi Tharoor was not pricked by Mr.Lalit Modi, IPL was like a CLEAN game.
And now, every aspect of it is being investigated and many shocking things are revealed.
In this thing only one was benefited. .. Mr.Twitter :P
Jokes apart but, this is the irony of media, they now a days are concentrating on these issues and the real and important news are being missed.
What about the farmers in Vidarbha ?.. What are the bills which are passed /rejected in the session of assembly. ?.. Are we even being conveyed
what the Chief Minister of the state doing these days ?.On what issue he is concentrating and working ?.. how ?..
Only if Mayawatee wears a Garland of 1000/- Rupee note then she comes in limelight... what was she doing till then ??.. On which bills she has focused ?
What were the major decisions in the public welfare she has taken recently ?
Where our Prime-Minister went recently ?.. In China what he has done ?.. Which treaties he has signed ?.. Why ? ..What will be the effect of that
on our life ?.. Are they selling India ?? :P

Why ??.. Not even a single of these information is shown on any of the 20+ news channels ?
Why Rakhi Sawant is more discussed than the recent price hike in Bread ? :P
What is wrong ?.. Is this all going for TRP ? .. Then they should better change their NEWS channel thing to Entertainment one !

Either no one is bothered or there is no way out now ?.. What should we do to get rid of this ?

The NEWS channels even are showing some reckless stuff !.. Like "Bhagwan ka Mayajal", "Mahatma ki Shaktee" ,"Khunee Darinde " ?... Why man ?..
Are you insane ?..Why these things are going on when there are many children in India sleeping with empty stomach every night?
Why the media is not aware about that ?
What we can do to make this happen ?.. In /By which Media we should change this MEDIA ?.

I am thinking on it.. I want to watch a better NEWS channel..
Do you ??..


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