Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Something SENSIBLE for the people by the people !!

There are many things which happen in your day and they make you think over them. It may be from some one's Facebook update to some news on TV. Something similar happened today which made me think over this and provoked me after so long time to write again.
The news about Anna Hajare's fasting is gathering attention of people nationwide and the main reason behind it is "It is for the people".

After definition of democracy I have not seen recently something of that sort happening in real life. There are many events, gathering for social cause but none of which I witnessed so far has some sensible meaning like this one.

Yes, Finally, the people of India are raising their voice over the corruption and the demands for punishing the people who are part of this ill disease.
If you have some ten minutes of your time, then please use them and think on this question with all your brains.
"How many scams were revealed during last year and what has finally happened to them or the people involved in it ?"

Many of us might have seen "Peepli Live".The media seems to have played some similar role in real life too with these scams. If the Aadarsh scam is revealed and the CWG scam is now making the news, let the Aadarsh scam bite the dust and let's follow up with CGW. Then that 2G spectrum scam started heating the air, CGW went off from the scrolls and Telecom sector was in NEWS. Then the WORLD CUP came. We won and the headlines like "WE ARE CHAMPIONS" are making news since last 3 days. YES, I agree, Team India really deserves it.

But what about those scams ??.. Remember BOFORS ?.. Remember TELAGI ??.. Remember HAWALA SCANDAL ???.. CHARA GHOTALA..?? SUGAR SCAM??..So many..We seemed to have forgotten all those over the period of time. All those string operations and the efforts to know the truth in this dirty politics are forgotten and no real followup with this is made.
At the end of every March, we all are bothered about paying our taxes and saving our money. Every single effort seems waste after hearing those BIG SUMS of scams.Just read somewhere that,the total amount of money involved in various scams over the last 12 years alone, since 1992, is estimated to be over Rs 80 lakh crore (Rs 80 trillion) or $1.80 trillion!

WHAT ????... MAN.. ARE YOU INSANE ??.. what is this ??.. From where all this money is coming ?.. and more important.. Where it is going ??.. It's our money !!..How these people are capable of hiding and getting away from these things ?.. Does this thing ever bothered you ?

"YES", might be the answer of everyone reading this. So ??.. So what ?..
Let these people do whatever they are doing. GOD will punish them for their deeds and they will not be happy in their lives. Right ?.. Come on man .. Get up !!.. How many times we are gonna convince our self with these false things ?.

Somewhere down the line we are responsible for this. Don't you feel so ?.. And these are the things that we have been knowing well. But still, till no one takes initiative and no one is bothered by it why should we ?. Is it really so ?.. Is today also we are going to think over it and then forget about it ?.

Let me put my frank thought. After seeing the news and just prior to that reading this in some pic on Facebook, I also have thought the same, just liked the concept. But was not really willing to pay more attention to it. Why ?..

Reasons were simple and common. "I have got my work,my family,my other priorities and Lot's off stuff ahead of me to achieve in life.Why should I waste my time in these things ??. Those who have joined might be having some free time and some good bank balance to make their living. I have to earn it for my family. I need to earn it for me and my future."

But there I saw a man in NEWS, in the rally ,with some hording saying like
"If not we?.. Who??.. If not now?... When??" ........ Makes sense ..right ?..
Think over it, we certainly do have our work and priorities and need to earn money in this world to make our life beautiful. But are we really going to succeed in this try ?.

What if tomorrow you come to know that the company in which you are working has been declared blacklisted over the night or your bank where you have deposited all your money for your child's future has been bankrupt ?.What if your all savings and plans for your future are devastated over night?.. Then after digging in to it you come to know, the reason is some politician who has sanctioned the grant of your company or bank has been accused of corruption for doing so. Hence the orders taken by him are no longer valid and some court has taken these steps for the safety.

So.. now .. in that condition.. Will we be really safe ?.. We will start cursing that politician and then ?.. then what ??.. Paralyzed ??.. Any better options ??.. Suicide ??.. what ??..

Are we really not the people who are proud to be citizens of the largest democratic nation? Where is our self esteem ? Or something of that sort doesn't exist anymore ?. Are we not capable of doing or contributing to make our society and in turn our own life better ?.
"Prevention is better than cure". This has just remained tag line of a condom company or we are still capable of understanding this saying ?

Not only because of this nationwide protest which is making the news now, I am asking you to step up and contribute.But for the sake of yourself, for my, for your and in turn for whole societies future, please step up.. Let us all step up and show the support.

If we really can take some time (I am sure, we all are capable of taking some time) for this thing, we can make difference and that difference will in turn help us.
This is not something that I wanted to write just because of this day or this is not what something extraordinary that I am writing. But this is something which is written in ANGER and the ANGER has some valid reason behind it. The simplest reason I found is "Just like you, I do not like my money to be used by some person for his own use !!"

You know it !.. You must be having similar feelings against corruption. So, why not we stand together and do something about it ?.

Politics is dirty and we all have been saying this from long time. No one is really bothered about the dirt inside and no one is willing to sanitize this gutter. After every five years we encourage these dirty creatures by voting them. They rule us, eat our money and in return what do we get ??..

Let's start.. start to act now, otherwise, be mentally prepared for these scams and scandals kind of things and do not complain later about this corruption in future.
We all might be having very jam pack schedules, but still we do have enough time to go on Facebook and update our status messages, like someones pic,watch some funny video.

And.. this.. this is not FUNNY.. This is serious.. Damn serious, because this is related to us and this is all our money that these people are putting in Swiss banks and living lavishly on it. If you are concerned by any of these things, please show your support for this movement and be a part of it.

I am not asking you to travel to Delhi or some ground to show your protest. Just do educate and bring more people around you to talk on this. Spread this, Spread your word. Show and feel concerned about it. After all we all are suffering from this. If you remember, this is how the Independence movement has started. People started feeling, talking, writing and showing their support and finally were rewarded by the Independence.

I know we all can produce some SOUND, all we need is someone who strike the right chord within us. (And this time, thanks Anna for doing that for me )

I also want Independence and so I am strongly supporting this 70 odd year man for this noble deed. Yes.. for my better future .. I am that selfish.. But the question is .. "Are you ??"

You can at least visit their homepage and show some support online from Facebook and Tweeter. Go to and support.

Any thoughts and comments on this are welcome.
(Please do ignore spelling mistakes if any :P Feelings are what matter here )


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