Monday, 27 September 2010

Be unsatisfied and get MORE !!

 When you have Nokia N900, with advantages, there are some disadvantages too :)

N900 has the fastest web-browser yet (I guess till this time, this information is true :P ).It has in built Adobe flash player support and the web browser renders pages so smoothly that you feel like browsing on your desktop. But this makes GPRS Counter run like anything.

I am using Vodafone post-paid connection since last 2 and half years. Earlier in my N81,the opera mini browser use take care of the GPRS meter. I never had crossed 5-10 MB in whole month (I use to check my emails and Orkut daily on it though).

But on 1st Jan, when I putted Vodafone card in my N900, and Clicked on ,I was shocked with the speed. Then I checked 1 email and closed the browser and Internet connection. I was shocked once again to notice the GPRS counter. It showed 5.8 MB. (If you are Vodafone customer, you can make it ,to how much in INR it cost me .. Yes.. Whooping 58 RS/- )

Now, “What to do??” obvious was the question that popped up. As the primary intention to go with N900 was to keep in touch with all via internet! And if this will be the case, I surely will need to rethink on the reason I bought this monster phone.

I called Vodafone customer care the next minute to ask for any special or unlimited GPRS plan. They elaborated 2-3 plans with about 49,200 and 500 monthly rental. I choose 200/- rental plan that use to give me almost 100 MB of downloading free.

February 12th .. Yes, my billing date is 12th of every month and on this day I saw my bill went to almost 1800/-.Frankly speaking I am not someone who wants to spend 1800/- on one postpaid connection when another prepaid connection of Reliance is taking 500/- every month. I gave a second thought and unsubscribed the GPRS plan in next month.

Now, I was very eager to get a better deal in GPRS ASAP. I called the customer care regularly after every 2 weeks to enquire about same. Even the 500/- monthly rental plan was having .5 GB download limit. :(

Till July, I satisfied my self by browsing and updating phone software’s from WAN connections. :P But, there are sometimes, when you want to check something and there is no WAN available. At those times I use to regret about the decision of going with N900.

But, in July, I have seen Tata Docomo GSM offer. It offered 6 GB data in 95/-. On that evening, I taken that card and waited very patiently till 3 days (They took 3 days to activate GPRS on the Card). And since that day, till 1st week of Sep , I was on the GO with DOCOMO.

Almost for 2-3 days, Tata Docomo GPRS was down and I was very annoyed! I, then again enquired about the current GPRS plans with Vodafone. I was not very much happy with the current plans too. I disconnected the call and just casually went through their website.

I was very surprised to found that, the prepaid connection had better plans than postpaid. In Prepaid ,they have offer of 60 MB per day with recharge of almost 99/-RS for 1 month.I made my mind to convert my postpaid connection to prepaid one.

I revised all the plans that were offered on that date from their website. They are as follow:

 Vodafone live!                    

 Option 1: Pay as you go: Usage charge: 10p / 10KB

 Option 2: Save on usage by choosing a data plan

Prepaid Plans

  VL17  Rs17, Validity 3 days, FREE Usage - 30MB/day

 VL27  Rs27, Validity 7 days, FREE Usage - 30MB/day

 VL58  Rs58, Validity 15 days, FREE Usage - 30MB/day 

 VL99  Rs99, Validity 30 days, FREE Usage - 60MB/day 

Postpaid  Plans

 VL49  Rs49 Monthly Rent, 5Mb usage Free and 30 MMS free. 

 VL100  Rs200 monthly rental, 100Mb Free 

 VL500  Rs500 monthly rental, 500Mb Free 

On that Saturday, I went to Vodafone store and asked the procedure to convert postpaid connection to prepaid one. They asked me the primary reason and I replied "I am not satisfied with current GPRS plans in postpaid". I told them that Vodafone has better plans for GPRS in prepaid than postpaid, so I would like to convert this card in pre paid.

The Customer care representative was clueless and he asked his senior to come 
down. The senior person (didn't looked like a senior though) came and explained the latest plans that they have. I replied, "I already know and that's why I have chosen the best suited plan to me." He then went to another counter and asked for another person in there. Then the other person also came and introduced himself as "GPRS Expert!". I was happy to know that.

He asked for my mobile and after looking for 5-10 minutes, he replied "As this phone is not yet launched in India,it doesn't support Vodafone live. "

Bravo!!... What an expert comment that was!!. WTF man ??..For what reason I came here and what you are telling me ??.. I have been used Vodafone live on the same handset on 1st Jan 2010 and on 18th Sep 2010, Vodafone live does not support this handset ??? .. I was not in mood to buy his comment. I took my mobile and tuned the settings and Vodafone live was accessible in few minutes.

The other guy then popped up with a more brilliant idea this time. He showed me (on a plain paper with pen) the LATEST plans that Vodafone has with postpaid connection.

250 /- rental for a month and 5 GB download limit.

I said "NO!!.. I will not go with this.. I card of other service provider who gives me 6 GB in 95/- month".

He modified the plan. Now the next plan that he offered was of 250 /- rental for a month and 8 GB download limit.

"No!!”.. I was firm on my decision.

Next plan came with "200 /- rental for a month with 8 GB download limit".

"Still .. No !" was me this time also.

Then the offer was "150 /- rental for a month with 8 GB download limit".

"I still will not go with this plan and want to convert it in pre paid only !!" I somehow managed to reply quickly as my right hemisphere of brain was "Almost IN" for that plan.

Then came the shocker.. "150 /- rental for a month with unlimited download limit !!".

Right hemisphere of brain came sharply this time and I asked "Is it for real ?" ..

"Yes.!! 100% .. As a special gesture to our postpaid connection I will take this request and will also request you to be a postpaid customer...But this plan will take 2-3 days to get activated."

I didn't had anything to say.. I agreed and returned to flat.

After 2 days , I got a SMS from Vodafone saying "Your request has been processed and Necessary service has been activated on your Vodafone mobile number ". I was very happy and I started to browse on Vodafone live .

Then was another SHOCKER !! .. Speed was "PATHETIC" !! I was not in my senses .. what should I do now ??.. Am I a fool ??.. The next moment I switched off the mobile and inserted Docomo card again. Speed was up to satisfaction level and I smiled back :)

So.. What to do with that Vodafone card ?? ... I called up Vodafone customer care and asked about my current plan details. They throw a "BOUNCER" on me ! According to them, my newly activated GPRS plan was of "250/- monthly rental and 1 GB download limit."

I was out of control this time ! I asked for Vodafone store number, but they said, "We can not provide you the numbers. You will need to visit there personally".

I visited the store on 25th Sep and asked the representative about my exact plan details. He confirmed “149/- rental and unlimited download”. I have taken “5” minutes to think and asked “What should I do to discontinue this number?” He handed over an email id  and asked to mail this request on that mail id.

I came out of store the next minute and returned to flat!

This time, before composing a mail to Vodafone, I thought I should share this on my blog.

I think this may help few of you to know the truth about  the CURRENT and LATEST offers which these people bring on day to day !.

Let me know your views on this.

(And meanwhile .. I will be continuing my Reliance number and new Docomo number will be conveyed to you soon J )


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