Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Let there be light !!

It has been almost 3 months,Blogging was not on the list of my routine. I was not very busy, but still there were few things which were on priority and they needed to be taken care of !

In these days,I have thought again and again of writing because many were the things I wanted to share !.
The major among it ,I switched to a new company.. Departed from the loved ones ..( I mean from the old company ! :P )
Seen and faced many things, mixed feelings.. Enjoyed few ones and was hurt by few .. But that is what life is all about.

I,till now have followed the approach of a storyteller.
Usually love to narrate the things which happen nearby....Which involves me.
But from last few days, I have thought of changing the approach for a bit.

I do not want to share some things that involve me this time.
So let me get started on it.
When I have seen some things happening around me, I love to analyze them in my own way. I try to justify them to my heart and  extract some sense out of it.

Off late, I have taken a rather long holiday due to some health problem. In that free time, I have seen many things which I have seen earlier.
But at that time, those things have skipped and the details were unnoticed.
At this time, I had all the time in the world to think on these simple things and elaborate them to myself.

This is one of those things on which I have not thought hard in past.

Electricity... Yes .. I belong to a place where the M.S.E.B. has given us only 16 hours to charge our mobiles.
I am not complaining about missing 8 hours (my mobile gets charged up in 2 hours), but come on..this is something that has been happening from last 7-8 years and we have got used to it.

Irritation, Frustration and anger all has passed away now. We have started to accept the situation as it is. But when you are in Mumbai, you do not see a single minute of interruption in the supply.
(I know, Its much important to this city to have electricity than my town... anytime)

But why on the earth, we are taken for granted to get only 16 hours.
I am not complaining about my 8 hours. Actual situation is worse.
My town needs to manage for only 8 hours, but the villages nearby have almost 16 to 18 hours of cut off.
I am clueless how they still have managed to do in the farms? And make their living?.
Even nearly every farmer in there has Inverters, but unfortunately, they do not even get enough time to charge the batteries.

There certainly is need to do something on this issue.
Congress government is doing great at this moment by sidelining all the major issues happening around us.
Food .. Electricity and water are the areas on which at least I haven't noticed any significant development in last 4-5 years.
Still, Congress managed to get the majority!! .. Bravo !!

The point is .. What and why the delay ?
The dams have enough water to produce the electricity and the rain is also above expectation.
But when asked to a engineer in MSEB , the project is not able to produce enough output to satisfy the needs.

Come on man!!... About 7-8 years ago, government rejected and closed the "Enron" power plants, saying they are producing electricity at very high cost.
Now.. the other vendors are even charging more and still they are not able to satisfy the needs.

What to do now ?.. I am finding my answers on this.
If you have something to share, please feel free. I want some light on it !!

(I know this whole post may sound boring to you, but this is a point where someone needs to speak up.. Let's spread the word and ask the answers to the government.)


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